Techbeatz1200 has been a DJ / Producer for over 10 years. He Co-founded Club Escape (Downtown, Los Angeles) in 1999. Techbeatz went under the name DJ Neo and spun with some of the greatest DJ's like, Paul Van Dyk, Christopher Lawrence, BT, Deep Dish, Cirrus, Deepsky and many more.  After Club Escape, he went back to the studio to create records for major artists.  His hit single "Monster" on Drunken Tiger's eighth album and numerous other songs were not only welcomed by the Korean Pop-cuture, but also from Asia and the rest of the world. The English version features artists (The Legendary, God MC) Rakim , Rakaa Iriscience (from Dilated Peoples), Roscoe Umali (The Freshest Filipino), and Yoon Mi Rae (Lady T).  Drunken Tiger's eigth album, "The 8th Wonder", received acclaim such as Best Hip-Hop Song Nominee, Best Hip-Hop Album of the Year and Best Artist of the Year.