When it comes to being a triple threat, Z. Hera is the real deal and more.  Her acting, singing, and dancing life beings with her first TV spot in 2006, when she appeared in a documentary called“Human Theater”.  At 11 years old, she learned kung-fu at the Shaolin Temple and uses that knowledge to impact audiences with her power dance moves.

     Under the tutelage of Korea’s Godfather of Dance, Poppin’ HyunJoon, she trained for 5 years to master her dance abilities.  Her dancing along with dreamy vocals create a very unique artist to hit the scene.  Along with her native language, Korean, she fluently speaks English and Chinese as well as basic Japanese.  In 2013, She debuted with the single, ‘Peacock’, which was produced by Artisans Music’s dj nüre and Fingazz.  After doing her rounds at the top music programs, such as Show Champion, M Countdown and Inkigayo, the song quickly gained her a loyal fan base in Korea and China.  She returned in 2014 with another hit single, ‘섬 (D Island)’, that showcased an acoustic performance to display her vocal and style range along with an eclectic dance that is not typical of K-Pop. Stay tuned for more from Z. Hera as a featured role in an upcoming TV series along with new music releases!